How to pack your clothes when moving house

When moving, we all know how important it is to protect fragile possessions, unpack pots and pans first, and have some food to hand. But don’t forget that you’ll still need clothes to wear once you get to your new house.

So what’s the best way to pack them?

As always, it’s best to start preparing early. Begin by sorting through your clothing, separating anything that’s damaged, old, or that you’ve fallen out of love with. Before you start packing, discard or donate any unwanted items so that you don’t have to take them with you to your new home.


1. Box them up

When you’re ready to start packing, regular moving boxes will do the job just fine. Fold your clothes up neatly and pack them away in the reverse order that you’re likely to need them (so seasonal clothes, formal wear - and that badly judged fancy-dress costume that you never want to talk about - will all go in first).

In the box, face your clothes in different directions to try and keep the surface level. When the boxes are filled to the top, seal them with tape and remember to clearly mark whose clothes they are on the sides of the box with a marker pen.


2. Use your cases

Alternatively, use your luggage instead. You’re taking it with you anyway, right?

Why not fill it with your clothes.


    3. Put them in the wardrobe… kind of.

      If you want your clothes to be in perfectly wearable condition when you reach your new home, consider using a wardrobe box. Designed specifically for carrying clothes, these boxes include a sturdy plastic rail to hang even heavy garments, so your clothes won’t be creased when you get to your new place.

      They even have a closing door and a top that can be sealed for extra protection, while space at the bottom of the wardrobe box can be used for storing shoes and handbags. To keep your clothes extra fresh, take a handful of items on hangers and slide a black bag over them, starting from the bottom. Secure the open top of the bag to the hangers by tying some string or wrapping some tape around the top to seal it.

      And after you’ve moved, wardrobe boxes are still handy for providing a bit of extra hanging space up in the loft, or as a temporary wardrobe while you get settled.

      A good idea all round, if you ask us.

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