Quick and easy moving cheats

Saving a bit of time and money really comes in handy when you’re moving house. Taking a few more seconds over what you’re packing up can conserve a lot of effort when you get to the other end – so here are a few cheats that may help you get unloaded and unpacked that little bit faster.

Label your boxes

Labelling your boxes seems like a pretty obvious thing to do. But if you can spend a few minutes extra, it’s worth labelling them on all four sides (not the top and bottom) with a good quality marker pen.

This way, when they’re stacked on top of each other, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s in each box at a glance - without having to move everything around first.

X marks the spot

It’s not nice to think about your things breaking. But when you’re transporting pretty much everything that you own from one place to another, it can happen.

Be prepared by using masking tape to make an ‘X’ from corner to corner on any sheets of glass, like mirrors or picture frames. This should lend them a little extra structural integrity, but mainly, it’ll help to hold the glass together if it breaks during transit.

Yes, it’s frustrating and a bit sad that the bathroom mirror didn’t make it. But don’t you feel better knowing that you don’t have clear up all that broken glass?

Make it easy on yourself

A lot of moving boxes, shockingly, don’t have hand-holes.

Instead of struggling to get to grips with the perfectly smooth sides of your full (and heavy) moving boxes, give yourself a break and take an extra minute to cut some hand-holes into the sides when you’re packing. You can use a knife or scissors, but for a truly simple solution, look no further than the Box Buddy.

Compact and user-friendly, just place the two pieces on either side of the wall of your carton and press together, before repeating on the other side. And hey presto! No more dropped boxes on either side of your move.

There’s even an instructional video here to get you started.

Invest in some stretch film

Something of a hidden gem, the humble stretch film is often overlooked. Brilliant for bundling, securing and protecting awkwardly shaped items in a flash, it’s great if you’re short on time or feel like cutting a few corners.

You can even wrap it around rolled carpets to keep them secure, or around cabinets and units to keep the doors or drawers shut (whether you leave your stuff inside is up to you).

The best part is that the film only sticks to itself, so when you remove it at your new home there’ll be no residue or marks on your furniture or belongings – good as new.

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